Corporate Information

Company Overview

Company name
November 1976
Fujisawa Bldg. 4-30-16, Ogikubo, Suginami-ku, Tokyo, 167-0051 Japan
300,000,000 JPY
Total number of staff
293 as of April 1st, 2021
Board of Directors
President and CEO   Makoto Asanuma
Managing Director   Shin Sasaki
Director   Naoya Masaki
Director (part-time)   Masayuki Ozaki
Director (part-time)   Daiki Miyatani
Director (part-time)   Hirofumi Inagaki
Director (part-time)   Yoshiyasu Horiuchi
Director (part-time)   Satoshi Kono
Auditor (part-time)   Eigo Nakamura
Auditor (part-time)   Shuichi Kitaoka

Business Description

We produce a variety of IP (Intellectual Property: characters, etc) with entertainment elements.

Business Description
Planning and production
We plan and produce original IP such as animation works and other visual content. We have more than 10 in-house production studios and actively collaborate with external studios to create unique IP.
Business Utilizing IP
In order to deliver the IP we have created in the most appropriate form, we collaborate with other companies to develop a variety of products, events, and services in Japan and overseas. Because we are an IP production group, we are also able to develop our own products and publications in an attentive manner.
Operation and management of copyrights
In addition to licensing and supervising IP rights, we also manage and operate royalties.

Organization Chart

Organization Diagram
as of April 1st, 2021

Group companies

Bandai Namco Group
Bandai Namco Group
With BANDAI NAMCO Holdings Inc. as its holding company, BANDAI NAMCO Group is a corporate group that develops businesses in Japan and overseas in a wide range of entertainment fields, including toys, plastic models, games, amusement facilities, video, music, and live performances.
Our corporate philosophy is to become "the world's most anticipated entertainment company group" by providing "dreams, fun, and excitement" to people around the world, and our IP strategy is our greatest weapon for achieving this goal.
The IP strategy is to provide the most appropriate products and services at the most appropriate time to the most appropriate places, while making use of an IP*-based outlook. This is a strategy that can be pursued by BANDAI NAMCO Group specifically because of its variety of business domains in the entertainment field and a wealth of know-how accumulated over many years.
In order for the BANDAI NAMCO Group to continue to grow and evolve, it is essential that we continue to take on the challenge of creating and nurturing IP that will become the core of our IP-based strategy. SUNRISE plays a very important role in the BANDAI NAMCO Group, mainly in the area of video production.
IP=Intellectual Property: intangible creative property such as characters, etc.
This company is engaged in the planning, video production, production and operation of IP suitable for character merchandising and IP targeting the mass market.
NAMCO BANDAI PICTURES Inc. was established in April 2015 through a corporate split from the company.
This company is engaged in the planning, production, and administration of visual content, mainly in the form of animation.
SUNRISE BEYOND INC. was newly established as a subsidiary of SUNRISE in March 2019, and acquired the video production division of XEBEC Inc. in April 2019.
This company is engaged in the production of music and master recordings, as well as the management and operation of rights, focusing on music related to the video works and IP of SUNRISE INC., NAMCO BANDAI Pictures INC. and SUNRISE BEYOND INC.
In April 2019, the company name was changed from "Sunrise Music Publishing Co., Ltd.”
Planning and production of animation programs, promotion of character products / Development of copyright business including character merchandising / Producing business and agency business around a motif of sports entertainment.
Evolving GUNDAM Inc.
Evolving GUNDAM Inc.
Operation of amusement facilities, management of restaurants, and sales of toys, models, and everyday goods.

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