President Greeting


Production: Creating a Brand

With a combination of people, time and imagination,
It’s the task of creating something from nothing.
Aiming for more exciting projects, unforgettable characters and dynamic movements,
Mashing up collective talents with a goal of creating a show that will amaze the world,
We make no compromises in our work.
There are no limits to creativity.

Finding an audience
Our strategy is to create campaigns that will reach every demographic,
Design products that will be loved by fans,
And plan events that will connect with the audience.

Consistency is vital every step of the way—from animation production and promotion, to merchandising and licensing.
We make a statement with every show.

We have over 400 titles, and it all stemmed from a sci-fi robot anime.
Today, we have branched out and have a wide array of genres with different styles.
With elaborate backgrounds and rich stories, our sci-fi action series spawned an enthusiastic fandom.
Characters relatable to children’s daily lives captured their hearts.
Our titles recreated and expanded the world originally told in comics and novels.
Concerts and live entertainment made characters come to life, expanding the world created by our production.

And now, we are exploring animation outside the video medium, coming up with ideas in other forms of entertainment.
Enjoying the music together.
Constructing mecha in massive, true-to-life size.
Bringing moving characters to the stage.
And our passion is shared among many fans around the world.

Animation is no longer something that is simply watched.
We have expanded it as a form of entertainment that can be experienced in real life.
To immerse further into the world created by anime.
And we are always in search for new modes of expression.

At our core lies artistry.
We are unafraid of change.
And as we protect our brand, we can evolve,
And continue to present the future, and be one step ahead.

Our imagination is the future.